Waterfall and Torc peak(the name comes from the Irish Easach Toirc which means a wild cascade) – convenient parking is located in Killarney National Park, about 8 km from the town of Killarney on the N71 road, the waterfall itself is about 300 meters from the car park – about 5 minutes’ walk.

It is located in the top 10 places worth visiting in County Kerry.

It is a 20-meter cascade waterfall located at the foot of the Torc mountain. If you like to walk and want to see beautiful views, take a scenic 3-hour (9.5km) route starting 100 degrees right at the waterfall, and precisely on its left. Above you will be able to admire the beautiful views of the lakes and the surrounding area, and after entering the Torc peak, you will see a spectacular 360-degree view of the Killarney Lakes, Muckross House, and Killarney National Park.

Although the summit is 535 meters, it is a very popular route, because thanks to footbridges and steps it is very accessible and easy enough for everyone regardless of age