Titanic, Belfast – This museum has in recent years become the most visited tourist attraction in Northern Ireland.

We all know the tragic stories of the Titanic, and although there are many exhibitions and museums devoted to this tragic story in the world, Belfast is definitely the best and the biggest in the world, the building itself is already impressive and its first glance.

Most museums focus on the tragic sinking of the ship, but Belfast devotes a lot of attention to the history of its construction, as well as other ships such as SS Normandic.

If you go there, do not count on the same day you will see the city (we may have miscalculated) just visiting this place, and there are many exhibitions + shipyard and dry dock where it was built, it will take you several hours.

There are sound guides in the Polish language version, along with a cafe, restaurant and shop.

Attraction really recommendable for the whole family regardless of age.

The official website of the museum is www.titanicbelfast.com