Three Castle Head – (the proper name is Dunlough Castle) – is a ruin of a fort adjacent to a lake standing on top of a 100 meter cliff on the northern end of the Mizen peninsula,the name Three Castle Head comes from three fortified towers.

The only route available to this gem is through private farmland and as long as we follow the rules (closing gates and a total ban on dogs) and we place a voluntary payment of € 3 the owners do not mind.

The castle was built in 1207 by Donagh O’Mahne and is one of the oldest Norman castles in southern Ireland, it was built without cement and sand and that’s why exposed to atmospheric conditions from the Atlantic it fell into ruin (a lovely ruin).

This building consists of three towers connected by a shaft with a height of up to 6 meters. Each of the towers consists of 3 floors and they are built in a typical rectangular shape as for their era, with only one difference – they are lower than many similar ones.

The eastern fortress was probably an entrance tower, although there is not much left of the gate today there are spiral staircases in this tower. The west tower with a linear staircase was the largest and it was the headquarters of the residents. The central fortress on the other hand, had both types of stairs and provided the opportunity for additional observation and served as warehouses, as well as to strengthen the strength of the connecting walls.

The building itself and the neighborhood of 400 meter cliffs would be a daunting inch for the attackers, although there are no records or anyone ever tried to get it or force it.

There are many legends about the Three Towers: from a family that, according to different versions, were either murdered or committed suicide. There are also stories about “Lady of the Lake” which haunts these ruins and about the treasure hidden under the castle.

No matter what is the truth or what a myth – this is one of those places to which I will always return to.