The Vee – Clogheen, County of Tipperary,Is a picturesque mountain pass between the Knockmealdown mountains. You can drive through this breathtaking road from Lismore to Clogheen where there is beautiful and changing scenery that surely pleases the eye.

It offers a variety of textures and colors, including peat bogs, rocky headlands.It looks wonderful at any time of the year, but on a sunny day, we recommend staying at the Bay Lough lake and getting to the top of the nearby mountain from which a beautiful view extends.

This magnificent panorama was presented many times in the nineteenth-century painting, because of its romanticism. There is also the grave of Samuel Richard Grubb, the county sheriff of Tipperary who died in 1921, and before his death he said that he wanted to be buried in a standing position so that his eyes could be directed to beloved The Vee.