Swiss Cottage – A Swiss village cottage hidden in a forest near Cahir, which was built in 1810 for Richard and Emilia Butler, who were also the owners of the Cahir castle.

The building blends in perfectly with its beautiful and natural surroundings, from where you can walk (about 2km) along the promenade along the river to the castle in Cahir.

From the outside, the building looks magnificent and seems larger than it is in reality, in which there are only four rooms inside (tea room, music room, master bedroom and small bedroom).

The roof is covered with straw ,In 1999 a layer of Polish rye straw was added.

Right next to the house grows at least 1000-year-old Cis and around the property is a cast iron, forged fence, which is 75% original.

The house was owned by the Butler family until 1961, when the last descendant of the family died they used the house until their last moment.

This house was inhabited until 1980 by the Heavey family