Silent Valley Reservoir – is a water reservoir located in the southern part of the Morne Mountains in County Down in Northern Ireland. This reservoir was designed by civil engineer Luka Livigstone McCassey, after he determined that it was the most suitable water source for most residents of Belfast and County Down, because the water was clean and completely free of industrial pollution.

The main structure of the tank was erected in the years 1923 – 1933 by more than a thousand workers, which 9 of them sadly died during its construction. At that time, the construction cost exceeded £ 2 million and included the construction of a wall of more than 35 km in the Morne Mountains, and work on it lasted over 18 years.

The work was divided into three stages:

The first is to divert water from the Kilkeel and Annalong rivers through pipes into a reservoir near Carryduff.

Second – construction of a retention reservoir across the Kilkeel River.

The third – another reservoir in Annalong – but after the difficulties encountered during the construction of the Silent Valley dam, the second dam did not arise, but instead in the 50’s a second dam was built at Ben Crom in the Kilkeel River Valley.

A tunnel was also bored under Mount Slieve Binnian to bring water from the Annalong River.

This tunnel was built between 1947 and 1951 by 150 men and is about 4 kilometers long.

The reservoir and the valley were called Silent Valley, because the constant explosions associated with the construction of the dam drove away all the birds from there leaving an amazing silence. Visiting this place today you will have no doubt that the birds have long returned to Silent Valley and are doing extremely well there.

Currently, “The Valley”, every year attracts tens of thousands of tourists who go on mountain trips along the wall, admire the landscape and diverse nature while enjoying the peace of the surrounding mountains.