Saint John Point Lighthouse – In the province of Ulster there are several lighthouses, this lighthouse is located in County Donegal at the end of one of the longest peninsulas in Ireland with access to it via a narrow band of land is really exciting (do not confuse it with a lantern in Down County with the same name).

This lighthouse has been in operation since 1831, but it was really completed in 1833, it was automated on November 30, 1932 and only 30 years after that it was transformed into an electric one. Its tower is made of cut granite and painted with classic white, it was designed by talented civil engineer Georg Halpin Senior.

It was built at the request of merchants and traders from Killybegs to be able to enter ships into the bay and enter the port of Killybegs from Rotten Island, and has the same task today.

Killybegs is still the largest fishing port in Donegal to which international trawlers call daily.

Saint John Point in Donegal is a favorite place for anglers, divers, walkers and lovers of nature, Celtic heritage and geology.

A really great trip, although due to its location it can be really windy!