Castle Roche – (Dun Gall) – This is a castle located near the M1 – just take exit 17 towards Castletown and after 1.5 km turn right onto Kilcurry. The ruins located on a rocky hill can be admired within a radius of many kilometers, and from the castle itself, you can enjoy wonderful views of the countryside.

These picturesque castle ruins are an Anglo-Norman building from 1236, built after the death of her husband by Lady Rohesia de Verdun, one of the most powerful women in Ireland in the 13th century. Legend has it that she promised to marry and thus share in her wealth for the architect who will build her castle, and the day before the wedding under the pretext of admiring the property pushed him through the window. This window is called the “crime window” and its spirit haunts the ruins. Rohesia de Verdun later became a nun and died there in 1247.

This castle occupied a strategic place and marked the boundaries between the Gaelic province of Ulster and the Anglo-Norman “Pale” and entered the ancient road to today’s southern Armagh.

Situated on a rocky hill and surrounded by a deep moat and solid walls, it was virtually impregnable.

In 1561, a congress of all English forces in Ireland took place here, and the castle itself eventually fell into ruin in 1641.

The views from these picturesque ruins are really stunning!