Poisoned Glen – is a picturesquely situated village at the foot of Mount Errigal, the highest peak of the Derryveagh mountain range in County Donegal and surrounded by vast valleys and shimmering lakes.

This place is known for frequent photographs of the beautiful ruins of the church in Dunlewey with Mount Errigal in the background. This church was built by Jane Smith Russell as a monument to the late husband, the owner of the estate of Dunlewey, who died in 1848 and his remains rested in a vault under the church floor.

The church is built of white marble and blue quartzite, which was mined in local quarries.

With the collapse of Dunlewey’s estate, the church ceased to be used regularly, and the cost of its maintenance was the reason for its deterioration and in 1955 for safety reasons the roof was removed, the furniture was sent to other churches in the diocese, and the bell was installed in the church in Cashel near the Doe castle.

The ruins of this church is really an amazing windfall for photography enthusiasts.