Newmills – this is one of the few monuments of industrial archeology under the protection of the state. It is a mill complex located in the small town of Miltown, about 5 kilometers west of Letterkenny in County Donegal on the R250 road.

These are two connected mills: one for grinding oats, barley and corn, and the other for grinding flax both are powered thanks to a channel dug from the Swilly River. Visiting the complex, we can see one of the largest and still operating water circuits in Ireland. The oldest preserved building is 400 years old.

Rustic mills come from the beginning of the 19th century, and in 1862 it was bought by Patrick Gallagher along with several other buildings such as auxiliary buildings, a farm, a grocery store and a forge, which were on the other side of the road.

The largest development of mills falls on the second world war, when the British government offered co-financing for the production of flax, which the army had a great demand for.

The business at Newmills was continued by the son of P.F. Gallagher until his death in 1980.

In the future OPW intends to enlarge the attraction with the already purchased one: a grocery store and the Gallagher estate.

The whole complex is a fascinating example of the industrial development of the country, which has now given way to advanced technology, but definitely less fascinating, and walking there is really a pleasure that makes us feel a connection with the past and society at the time.