MV Alta (shipwreck) – Everyone has probably heard about this famous ghost ship, which during Storm  Dennis in February 2020 settled in the south of Ireland near the fishing village of Ballycotton in County Cork and since then has attracted crowds in this picturesque part of Ireland eager to see the wreck that settled on the rocks.

MV Alta is a 77-meter cargo ship that was built in 1976 and sailed the flag of Tanzania (although some sources state the Panama flag). In 2017, the ship changed its owner for the last time. In September 2018, it sailed from Greece to Haiti, when it was immobilized about 1380 miles southeast of Bermuda, and the crew was unable to repair it. The entire crew of 10 was rescued by the American Coast Guard and transported to Puerto Rico.

After its 17-month unmanned journey across the Atlantic, the ship finally reached the coast of Ireland. In the case of such units, which had several owners, often international, it is difficult to find the right one and charge it with the costs of removing the wreck, so it will probably remain on the rocks in County Cork for a long time.

Looking at this ship, you can realize the strength of the sea, since it was able to throw such a giant on the rocks, and as long as it is within our reach it’s worth going for a walk on a sunny day on a very charming route, which is probably the “Ballycotton Cliff Walk “Which will lead us to the wreck itself.