Mullaghmore and Classiebawn Castle(An Mullach Mór – The Great Peak) – is a village on the Mullaghmore peninsula in County Sligo, from which there are spectacular views of the ocean and the panorama of Mount Ben Bulben (

On the peninsula near the village of Cliffoney, there is a private castle designed by J. Rawson Carolla (an architect from Dublin), and was built largely in the nineteenth century from yellow-brown sandstone transported by sea from County Donegal.

Originally, the castle was to be built on the nearby island of Dernish, but it turned out that by strong tides, it was impossible to build a dike.

The land (4000 ha) on which this property is currently situated belonged to the O’Connor family, but it was confiscated by the English government, which commissioned the design and construction of the castle for Viscount Vinston Palmerston III, who was the British Foreign Minister and prime minister . Although the castle was completed only after his death,

Until 1948, the castle was lit by candles and oil lamps, and fresh water had to be carried uphill for almost half a kilometer.

For years  the castle remained the property of the family of the first owner and builder, until it was confiscated and turned into barracks for the army during the ongoing rebellion.

Then it was emptied and remained empty until 1950, when it was handed over to the British royal family – Mountbatten, who spent her holidays there.

Lord Mountbatten was an admiral of the fleet and was brutally murdered by the IRA in a bomb attack near the estate.

After this event in 1991, the property was purchased by business man Tunney from Tyrone County – he died in 2011 and is currently living there his partner Caroline Devine.

Unfortunately, the castle still remains in private hands and what is related – it is not possible to explore it, although the cliffs have a beautiful view of the castle, and in the background you can see the majestic Ben Bulben mountain – a real treat for photography enthusiasts.