Lismore Castle – The beautiful Irish estate of the Duke of Devonshire, located in Lismore in County Waterford just on the Blackwater River.

It was built in 1185 by Prince Jan as a sister castle to the Ardifnnan castle near Cahir. Originally, Prince Jan decided to build it to guard the river crossing.

In 1858, the Cavendish family – then owners of the castle, commissioned Charles Tarrant to design a new bridge over the Blackwater River, which replaced the old one built in 1775, after which they sponsored it.

The estate has two historical gardens: the upper one from the seventeenth century, and the lower one from the nineteenth century, in which there are ancient yew alleys, meadows, fruit vegetables, and many flowering shrubs. Currently, since 2013, when employed as the main gardener Darren Tropps, there is a five-year plan thanks to which the gardens are to become even more attractive all year round. They are probably the oldest ever-grown gardens in Ireland that offer great views of Lismore Castle and the Blackwater Valley.

The current owner of the castle is XII Duke of Devonshire, who won this title in 2004, although it must be pointed out that Prince permanently lives in the family estate in Chatsworth which is located about 65 km southeast of Manchester.

People who are eager to visit the castle are warned that it is a private residence, so admission is practically impossible except for gardens and galleries, but it is worth going there to look at it from the outside.

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