Leap Castle – This private castle is located in Coolderry about 9 kilometers north of the city of Roscrea in County Offlay just off the R421 road.
The owner of the castle is the Irish musician Sean Ryan, who bought it in 1991, and has been taking care of himself since 1994 and has lived in it for 16 years.
Sean is very happy and, for a small fee, lets tourists into the castle, tells interesting stories.
The exact date of construction of this castle is unknown, but it is known that it was in the early 1500s under the supervision of the powerful O’Carroll clan.

Leap Castle has a very turbulent history, it was the center of many bloodsheds, brutal attacks and probably therefore it is not surprising that it was named the most haunted castle in Ireland.
It is home to many fascinating and sometimes terrifying ghosts. Sean does not consider his home haunted, and as far as the ghost is concerned, he claims that they have the same right to live in the castle as he and his wife.

The castle itself changed hands many times, in the O’Carroll family just after Mulrooney’s death, two brothers started to compete with each other and one killed another in the chapel at the top of the castle (Bloody Chapel), which has not been renovated yet, although the owner allows us a look, in the end it is probably the most haunted place in the castle. Many people claim that they see the light there after dark, and even now Sean receives reports from passers-by and neighbors about the illuminated chapel.
The castle has repeatedly appeared in television programs, films and on the cover of the book “The Riders” by Australian author Tim Winton.

I definitely recommend visiting this place, as it is not just another museum and a castle-house where someone still lives.