Knocknarea – (Conoc na Ri) – King’s Hill – Queen Maeve trail to a fairly intense mountain trail, although its length is only 2.4 kilometers, the height is only 320 meters .

It’s a limestone mountain located on the Coolera peninsula and is one of the most characteristic points in County Sligo and it dominates the area alone.

The summit itself and its surroundings once constituted a place of burial, so let us try to treat it with dignity and respect and not climb the mound, which is a place where legend Maeve (Miosgan Meadhbha) rests with a spear in hand to be ready to defend it places against invaders.

This mountain has been an important ritual point of focus since the Neolithic times and was once a place of great activity. Legend has it that the ancient rulers of the province were crowned there. The gigantic main mound was probably built around 3400 BC, and the six smaller ones are about 100 years older. The queen’s mound is the largest mound in Ireland. It has 182 meters of circumference and over 10 meters in height, and according to experts the stones from which it is built weigh about forty thousand tons – so the work that was taken here definitely had to be to fix the memory of someone really important.

Around the mound there are panoramic views of Sligo and the northwest of Ireland,the beauty of the mountain and the surrounding area was an inspiration for the Nobel laureate and poet W.B. Yeats, who described her in several lines:

“The wind blew high above the clouds over Knocknarea

and he threw stones at everything

what Maeve can say “

W. B. Yeats

Longitude: 54.2703551161

Latitude: -8.54747854614