Kinsale – This is a picturesque port town with colorful streets in which there are charming pubs.

Kinsale is known for its interesting cuisine, the Gourmet Festival takes place here every April (Food Festival)

The city is situated in the place of the monastery founded in the sixth century by Saint. Multose at the mouth of the Bandon River.

In the 10th century it was an important trade center of the Vikings and then the Normans made it a defensive city surrounded by a wall.

Desmond Castle – (Wine Museum, French Prison and Customs Office in one) – the castle was built in about 1500 by Maurice Becach Fitzgerald and Earl Desmond. There is, among others, an exhibition dedicated to Irish wine making.

Charles Fort (Charles Fort) – located at the entrance to the port of Kinsale. This is probably the best preserved 17th century fortification in Ireland. It was built as a fortification to prevent attacks by naval forces on the port of Kinsale, but was an easy target from the land side.

Fort James – on the other side of the bay are the ruins of a pentagonal fort with bastions.

Old Head – is located a few kilometers out of the city and is a world-famous Golf Club with beautiful cliffs, near which in 1915 RMS Lusitania was torpedoed by German U-boat in which killed 1,198 people.