Kilbeggan Distillery – Whiskey which has a smooth, original and characteristic taste carefully pampered by craftsmen in the oldest licensed distillery in Ireland, which now enjoys good times but also remembers and difficult moments in its 250-year history.

The distillery was opened in 1757 by the McManus family,And in 1794 the Codd family joined them a family which has long been associated with the local malt industry.

In 1843, John Locke bought the assets of the old distillery in Kilbeggan. The next 50 years turned out to be a great time for Irish whiskey until unfortunately the civil war in Ireland and the trade war with Great Britain turned out to be tragic for Irish distilleries, but the Locke family successfully fought to keep on the market for much longer than its competitors kept it until 1954, which made it one of the last distilleries in Ireland.

Fortunately, in 1970 the distillery of Old Kilbeggan was rescued by a handful of locals, who not only got permission to distill but also retained most of the original equipment. It is thanks to the hard work of this group of enthusiasts and lovers that the brand Kilbeggan still retains its character created by the founders.

In 1988, Cooley took over the name of the Kilbeggan brand with the right to use its old magazines.

Today in the distillery you can go on a guided tour and see many artefacts such as: the nineteenth century water wheel – still used, and a steam engine which is run on special occasions.

The trip ends with a Kilbeggan whiskey tasting, and several selected guests from each group will have the opportunity to taste all of the whiskeys produced by Kilbeggan.

Booking tours only online or by phone:

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The Kilbeggan Distillery is a must-see for anyone not just a fan of Irish whiskey.