Hook Lighthouse – This Hook peninsula  is located on the edge of County Wexford – about 846 years old, The lighthouse opened to the public in 2001. It is the world’s oldest still operating lighthouse, tours of the lighthouse are possible with a guide all year round, Monday –Sunday  seven days a week, during the tours you can admire the beautiful panorama view’s of Wexford , as well catching the beautiful sunset from the balcony of the lighthouse.

The exact date of construction of this 36-meter lighthouse is not known, but the first maps on which it is marked are dated back to 1240.

This magnificent building / monument still plays a key role in marking the eastern entrance to the port of Waterford where the rivers Barrow and Suir meet. It’s one of 70 still operating lighthouses in Ireland it is operated by the “Commissioners of Irish Lights”. Houses around the lighthouse are the original dwellings in which guards and their families lived who served the lighthouse – They have now been adapted and turned into a tourist center for visitors with a cafe and a small shop located inside.

During the trip you will be met with 115 well-worn stairs and learn a lot of really fascinating things from its history through construction and its service.

It was built by William Marshall, the Templar known as the Biggest Knight to protect sea trade, which in the 13th century was very important

The building was made of local limestone and the building itself is original and has survived until today intact despite the battling various conditions of the Irish weather.

The first patrons of the lighthouse were the monks who looked after it until 1641, Up to 1977 the families of the Light keepers took care of the lighthouse and lived in the buildings near the lighthouse. It was they who first looked after the fire and then the electric light to warn the sailors against the dangerous rocks on the Hook peninsula.

The lantern itself was electrified in 1972 and fully automated only in 1996.

These and many other valuable pieces of information about the lighthouse are all available during the tour,

For more information and opening hours, please visit www.hookheritage.ie