Hill of Tara (Teamhair na Ri) – This hill is only 197 meters above sea level! Where to find ot? is located in County Meath between Dunshaughlin and Navan – not far from the M3 motorway.

The Irish name – Teamhair on Ri – means “Sanctuary of the Kings”. This green hill with numerous earthworks occupies a very important place in Irish history, it was once the seat of the authorities of Ireland and archbishops, and the place of inauguration of the ancient kings of Ireland –  (142 kings)

Tara as the seat of gods and archbishop, occupies a very important place in Irish mythology:

– One of the legends says that, Saint Patrick came to Tara to confront religion with pagans in their most powerful place.

– That Ireland was a mythical Atlantis  and Tara was her capital.

– The Irish were part of the Lost Tribes of Israel and the Ark of the Covenant was hidden above – and for this reason the British Israelites arrived here in the 20th century and devastated the whole hill in search of it.

Not only in antiquity this was an important place,but also in modern Ireland’s history – in 1843 Daniel O’Connell chose this place as a symbol of Irish consciousness and summoned a meeting where more than 750,000 people came.

The oldest embankments (such as the hostage mound) date back to 2500 – 3000 years BC.

Although unfortunately, very few monuments have survived the test of time, its really a magical place