Gleniff Horseshoe – is a horseshoe-shaped road (hence the name Horseshoe) surrounded by spectacular mountain views.

Getting there is relatively easy, take the N15 road from Sligo in the north, after about 22 km we reach Cliffoney and turn right here, after 7 km on the right we will see the ruins of an old mill and the area picnic, this is where the spectacular trip begins.

Then we reach the Magic Hill, which is in the shadow of Tievebaun, if you park your car there and do not take the handbrake, it will start rolling uphill.

On the left side just behind the ruins of the old hut, we will see a beautiful waterfall, but we have to go for a walk to get to it.

After covering a short distance we will see very often photographed ruins of an old school. Above the school you can see the caves of Diarmuid and Grainne, these are the highest caves in Ireland and have been fully formed in the sea, which is confirmed by marine fossils.

The whole loop is about 10 kilometers and it does not matter from which side it will start, although many people travel this route in both directions (thanks to that you can see more).

It’s a great and not just an automotive trip because you can go there for a walk in the mountains and reach the old abandoned barite mine (unfortunately the whole area is private so it is worth asking landowners for permission) located in the mountains

This is a place that you can not miss on your list when going to the north of the country.