Glengowla Mines – If you are in Galway, make sure you visit this unique 19th century attraction that is dedicated to the history of lead and silver mining in the Glengowla and Oughterard area and is near the main road N59 leading from Galway to Clifden, about 3 kilometers from Oughterard.

Glengowla is a remnant of the open-cast mine, which began mining in 1851 and operated until 1865, it was 40 meters deep and about 60 meters wide. The main mining in this mine was focused on silver and lead, although Connemara marble, gold, dolomite, quartz and rare green and blue octahedral fluorite were also mined in these regions.

In 1999, the mine was saved before the flood, and then restored by the current family of Geoghegan owners, who made it available for sightseeing.

Currently, the mine is also part of Ireland’s Irish National Seismic Network investigating, among other things, the effects of earthquakes such as tsunamis, and other seismic sources such as volcanic and tectonic processes. There is a working seismograph in it, which you can see and which the owners are happy to present.

Depending on ourselves, you can spend here for 1 hour (visiting the mine itself), up to 3 hours if we come with children and we want to visit the forge, mineral store, enjoy the art of cutting peat.

The mine is open to visitors from March to November from 9:30 to 18:30.
Glengowla mines is a really good idea for a family trip.