Galtee – is a mountain range located in Munster on the border of three counties Cork, Tipperary and Limerick, and the highest peak you will locate Galteemore which is 917 meters above sea level.

We decided to get two peaks of Galtybeg (799.0 m above sea level), and then the highest peaks of Galteemore (917m above sea level). We started our journey in the village of Skeheenarinky just off the Cork – Dublin M8 – exit 12 and then via R639 to the village of Skeheenarinky where you turn left there (latitude 52 ° 20’5.99 “N, longitude 8 ° 9’26.79” West)

For the first about 3-4 kilometers the path is very easy  and walk able although it is still only a stony path then the road or any trail ends and you have to rely on your intuition and GPS.

The approaches for both peaks, although not so high, are really exhausting, but great views reward all the effort.

In total, we made 12.7 km in 5 hours, of course including rest breaks and food and drinks (don’t forget to pack something for the hike)

It is also worth mentioning the elevation of Knockeenatoung, which is overcome on the way to Galtybeg, where you will see a commemorative plaque dedicated to the plane crash, which took place in these mountains September 20, 1976 in which : Tom Gannon (lawyer), Jimmy Byrne (farmer ) and Dick O’Leary (owner of the car show) sadly died in the crash, all three were experienced pilots and members of the AeroClub in Longford to whom they were returning. Sadly in 1976 there was limited mountain rescue personal to attend the incident it was local walkers who knew these mountains helped in the search. Due to this event and thanks to the dedication of several traveling clubs less than a year after the disaster, a year-long service of the South-East Mountain Rescue Association (SEMRA) was established, which is always in a hurry to help everyone, and it is worth emphasizing that it is an operational area of ​​over 2 thousands of square kilometers. It is worth adding here that this is a non-profit association and to contact them just call the emergency numbers 999 or 112.

In general, this is a really recommendable route with beautiful views of the countryside, but it should be noted to be prepared with supplies of food ,water and GPS System