Fanad Lighthouse – this lighthouse is located on the peninsula of the same name; it lies on the north coast of Donegal between Lough Swilly and Mulroy Bay.

It is one of the most magnificent lighthouses in the world. It was built in 1817, and was designed by one of the leading then civil engineers, George Halpin.

The reason for its construction was the disaster of HMS Saldanha in this area in 1812, in which the only survivor of the tragedy was a parrot of a ship that had a silver collar with the name of the ship. In 1917, SS Laurentic sank here – with over 300 men, it was one of the most advanced ships of the British Navy at that time and had a secret load of 3211 gold bars on board, 22 of which are still missing. Under appropriate conditions, you can dive there and see the wreck.

It is also worth noting that Fanad Lighthouse is not a lighthouse, which, as most indicate the entrance to the port, is a lighthouse typically and played an important role in maritime safety.

This lighthouse was electrified in 1975, and in 1983 it was automated.

The lighthouse can be visited, and after entering the top you can enjoy spectacular views of the land and sea.