The Dursey Island – located at the tip of the Beara Peninsula is one of the few inhabited islands on the southwestern coast of Ireland. This island is connected to the mainland by Ireland’s only cable car suspended over a narrow section of water called Dursey Sound, in which there is a terribly strong tidal wave. This railway was opened in 1969 and is still the most used means of transport to the island, it is the only cable car in Ireland and the only one in Europe that is stretched over an open sea route.

The island itself is about 6.5 kilometers long and about 1.5 kilometers wide. Currently, only 6 permanent residents live on the island. Historically, the island consisted of three villages: Ballynacallagh, Kilmichael and Tilickafinna,

The highest peak is Tilickafinne, which is 252 meters high and has a signal tower from the Napoleonic Wars, which is deserted and has been in ruins since the nineteenth century.

During the Second World War there was one of the famous “Eire” signs, which were intended for pilots who flew over Ireland, it is worth noting that in 1943 Junkers Ju 88 from the Luftwaffe crashed near the Crown Head killing the entire crew .

At the end of the island there is a place where you can admire dolphins and whales, which often visit the rich waters surrounding the island of Dursey.

This really great walking tour around the island is about 14 kilometers and it will take you about 3.5 hours, but remember that there are no restaurants, pubs or even stores on the island, so you better stock up on something to eat and drink.

The island itself is great, and the trip with an old wooden wagon gives me a lot