Dunmore Cave – from Irish Dun Mor means great Fort. Since 1940, it has been owned by the state and has been recognized as a national monument.

It is located to the north of the city of Kilkenny and like other caves in the country, was created by limestone inappropriately 300 million years ago. Although it is smaller than many caves in Ireland, the calcite formations and the amazing amphitheater entrance make it really special.

This cave is known in particular for many Irish stories in which the Viking massacre was to take place in 928, and archaeological discoveries confirm their presence in the cave.

It is recorded that more than 1,000 people were massacred there, as a result of the Vikings from Dublin rivalry with the Vikings from Waterford, the former were about to attack the rival Waterford clan and on the way they discovered caves in which people were hiding (mainly women and children).

They decided to start a fire to force the people to leave the cave where they would then capture them and sell them in the slave markets, but unfortunately the fire was too big and burned all the oxygen in the cave, and thus many people hid themselves and sadly perished.

The Vikings probably returned there later to hide their riches – in 1999 a small treasure was found there with elements of silver, copper, buttons, and luxury silk colored in purple, and this color was reserved for the highest members of society. The purple color was obtained from the purple snail, which can only be found on the north coast of Africa – which shows the incredible commercial network that the Vikings possessed.