Downpatrick Head(Ceann Dhun Padraig – Patel Fortress) – this amazing piece of coastline lies about 6 kilometers north of the village of Ballycastle in the north of Mayo.

The name itself comes from the times when Saint Patrick himself founded a church here, which ruins can still be seen, along with a holy well and a stone cross. There is a statue of Saint. Patrick  from 1980, although the original statue was placed here in 1912.

Downpatrick Head was once a popular place of pilgrims who came here on the last Sunday of July known as “Gerland Sunday”, and today this tradition is still alive.

I think each of us encountered pictures of the majestic 50-meter-high “Dun Briste” pillar, which is about 80 meters from the shore and emerges from the water alone.There is also a huge chasm there. The entire dramatic coastline was created as a result of countless years of marine erosion, about 350 million years ago when the temperature of the water around Ireland was much higher.

Due to the charming panorama, it is no wonder that it is an obligatory point when visiting the “Wild Atlantic Way”.