Deerpark Court Tomb – This tomb is located 7 kilometers east of Sligo – first along the N16 road, you then turn towards Calra road R286 and in the village of Calry turn right to the park. But to reach the tomb itself, we have to go for a 3.5-kilometer walk through the forest, which will take us about 1.5 hours.

As the name suggests (Deerpark), this was the place where the nobles originally used these areas to hunt deer.

The tomb itself dates from the year 3000 BC and was probably the most important temple or center of worship in the Neolithic period. It consists of three internal chambers which were separated by door frames that fell in the 1920s and are located near the tomb itself. Many people consider Deerpark to be one of the best ruins of this type.

The building consists of rough cracked plates of local limestone, few of which exceeds 1 meter in height and has an oval shape with a twin second gallery – a total of about 30 meters in length.

A great place for a family walk because when you reach this very ruined tomb, you will be able to admire the beautiful landscapes that Sligo County has to offer.

Longitude: 54.2436.8543

Latitude: -8.33722686768