The Dark Hedges – is a beautiful alley of beech trees located in Stranocum in County Antrim  they were planted by the Stuart family in the seventeenth century and were to underline the beautiful landscape that would impress visitors who approached their mansion.

Since 2004, these trees have been subject to the protection of trees, which makes it possible to look after and preserve them.

Since 2009, a special Dark Hedges Preservation Trust has been established, which regularly tests them,out of 150 trees originally planted by the Stuart families only 90 of them have remained.

In October 2017, traffic was banned on the road, so that their shallow rooting was not even more damaged.

According to the legend, which is passed down by the locals these trees are haunted by the ghost of the “Gray Lady” who, walking along the road goes from tree to tree. This spirit is supposed to be according to various claims the daughter of the owner James Stuartnor one of the maids who died in mysterious circumstances – and the very darkness of these trees only adds this legend to authenticity.

Currently, Darh Hedges Road has become even more famous tourist attraction thanks to films such as “Game of Thrones” and “Transformers”.

The alley itself is really a dream place for photography lovers.