Croagh Patrick(Cruach Phadraig – or The Reek) – the most sacred mountain of Ireland, 765 meters above sea level with a conical shape, that rises majestically and looks at Clew Bay, County Mayo and the west coast of Ireland.

The history of this mountain dates back 5000 years, it was already then a place of worship where people worshiped the beginning of the harvest. In 441 Saint. Patrick made a 40-day fast here and the legend says that it was from this mountain that he drove all the snakes from Ireland .Every year on the last Sunday of July, thousands of believers (around 25,000) from around the world visit Croagh Patrick in the so-called “Ree Sunday” as a day of worship honoring the patron saint of Ireland.

At the top is a chapel from 1905 in which the services are held

The Pilgrim Trail begins at the Visitor Center located on the R335 road – 10 kilometers west of the town of Westport.

The first stop is the monument to Saint. Patryk, erected here in 1928 by Rev. Father Paterson, who raised funds for this in America.

The entire route is about 8 kilometers of a really bothersome road and takes about 4 hours. if you are not pilgrims who go barefoot, “please wear appropriate footwear” –  not only for this mountain, but for every such journey (I was watching with great irritation Sunday tourists who went there in light sports shoes, and on the way back they had twisted and swollen ankles).

The best time to go is in the spring, summer or autumn – generally from March to October, although as for every trip – check the weather well, although the one in the mountains likes to be variable.

Although this summit is truly one of the most demanding mountains in Ireland, you will still be rewarded with the amazing panorama.


Remember about the right shoes!