Creevykeel Court Tomb – This tomb can be found at the foot of Mount Tievebaun, about 1.5 km north of Cliffony in County Sligo.

In Creevykeel excavations took place several times, but the tomb itself was completely dug up between July 25 and September 4, 1935, by the fourth archaeological mission from Harvard led by Hugh Hencken O’Neill, in which 27 employees participated.

The tomb was cataloged in 1909 while it was still thickly overgrown with shrubs and then it was called the “Giant’s Tomb”

During these excavations many artifacts such as cremated human remains, animal remains, axes, knives, arrow heads, clay balls, polished stones and flint scrapers were dug out.

This Neolithic tomb was built around 5,500 years ago and is one of the largest tombs of this type in Ireland, the whole mound is 55 x 25 meters and is located on the east / west axis. Although the main structure comes from the Neolithic period, it’s intriguing facts  state that it was still modified during early Christianity, which is confirmed by the construction in the north-western part of the courtyard.

The tomb itself consists of a trapezoidal mound surrounded by an oval courtyard, a burial chamber which consists of two compartments in the north-western part.

In the back western part of the mound there are three additional smaller chambers, which are built into the tomb, and according to archaeologists, were probably temporary graves. There is also a primitive metal foundry located there.

It’s really an amazing place and I recommend that you take the time and stay there to see this tomb.