Crag Cave – this cave is made of limestone and is located 2 kilometers north of Castleisland in County Kerry, in the Glannarudders mountains, and is over one million years old.

The cave was once filled with water, which caused its erosion and sculpted tunnels and chambers in limestone rock, it’s a land of stalactites and stalagmites, and the first time it was found its presence in 1859 by the Geolohical Survey of Ireland, but it was not until 1981 that any steps were made towards its exploration, these were taken by the cave diver Martyna Farra, he examined the reservoir and initially discovered that it is only 2 meters deep and 8 lengths, but after another dive he described it as “caves of immensity”.

Shortly after, John Cooper joined him and they both started exploring the cave. In two days, they examined 1670 meters, and the band christened the newly discovered passageways and chambers with names taken from the Lord of the Rings Tolken.

In the years 1981 – 1983, the more accurate search and measurements brought its total length to 3.81 km, which makes the 7 longest systems in Ireland out of the cave networks surveyed so far, although work is still ongoing and it is estimated that it may be 4 or more kilometers.

Thanks to the exploration of the cave in 1987-1989 undertaken by a local family with the help of speleologists and speleological engineers, it was opened to the public in 1989.

A great place for a family trip!