Corrin Hill and the Nature Reserve – This small, forested hill, which is only 222 meters high, but from its peak you can enjoy spectacular views. It is located near Fermoy, County Cork and is a well-known landmark for drivers traveling from Dublin to Cork on the M8. To get to the car park, exit at Fermoy town, take exit 15 and head towards Rathcormac, road number R639, turn right after just 1 kilometre, and Coillte parking will be after 1 kilometre on the right.

A regular walking trail leads to the summit along a rocky path along which are 14 stations of the cross. When descending the summit, we recommend turning right (north) where a path through the forest will lead us 360 ° around the entire mountain – although it sounds like a challenge, it is only 4.5 kilometres and it will take you 1.5 hours and lead you back to the parking lot.

Corrin Hill is not only a mountain, but also a historical place, because at its top is the mound “Carn Thiernagh”, whose history dates back to 3000 years, up to the Bronze Age. Legend has it that Druid Mogh Ruith was buried here, and the gable is surrounded by the ruins of an early iron age ring fort. At the top there is a stone cross, which was erected in 1933.

After such a trail, it is worth crossing the other side of the road and through the forest to reach the Nature Reserve founded by Rathcormac Game and Wildlife, there you will find a pond and many species of birds (admission for a fee). There are many picnic tables on the spot where you can sit and enjoy the peace and nature.

A really great place for a family walk with a picnic!

Of course, we would not be ourselves if we did not change the route and chose a slightly different option, and while going back and forth from Fermoy itself, it was exactly 12 kilometres.