Cobh (bay) – until 1922 it was named Queenstown in honor of Queen Victoria – it is a city and port in County Cork, lying southeast of the city of Cork about 20 minutes by car,It’s a beautiful town where the streets climb the steep slope on the top is the St Colman’s Cathedral.

The Port of Cobh is one of the largest natural harbors where up to 50 huge passenger ships arrive here every year during the summer season.

Cobh is not only a beautiful town it is also a place where thousands of Irishmen emigrated for a better life during famine,and a place to commemorate such disasters like the sinking of Lusitania, Sirius or the famous Titanic. For the latter, it was the last port where he stopped on April 11th 1912, during his virgin voyage just before the tragedy.

Places to see in Cobh:

Cathedral of St. Colman

This is a majestic cathedral in the neo-gothic style with magnificent stained glass windows and sculptures. The cathedrals construction took almost 50 years, until its completion in 1915 due to increase in costs and revisions of the origional plans.

Cobh Heritage Center
Museum dedicated to millions of emigrants and marine tragedies associated with this place

John F. Kennedy Park
It is the central point in the city, it is a promenade by the wharf,It’s a favorite place for both residents and tourists with a view of the bay, there are two old cannons dating back to the mid-nineteenth century located in the middle of the park.

The Titanic Experience
Located in the heart of Cobh, a building from the early nineteenth century with a ticket office and waiting room, this place was the starting point for many thousands of passengers White Star Line and 123 Titanic passengers who boarded here.

Monument to Lusitania Victims.

It was erected to commemorate the tragedy of Lusitania which was sunk in 1915 by a German submarine.

Spike Island – this is an island near Cobh.
In the seventh century it was a monastery, and the first artillery fortifications on the island were built in 1779 and then forts were built there in the shape of the star Fort Mitchel which dominates the island, it was used both for defense and as a prison that operated until 2004 year.

To some this  island is known as the Irish Alcatraz. In 2006, Spike Island was handed over to the Cork County Council which in 2009 announced it would become a tourist attraction, and from 2014 it is possible to visit, tours can be booked at:, and for more information about Spike sland, please visit: