Carrick-a-Rede – this famous rope bridge is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Northern Ireland, suspended near the town of Ballinoty in Co Antrim, linking the land with the island of Carrick. It is located near the village of Bushmill and the Giant’s Causeway, which we have already described in more detail at:

So without much problem, you can combine these places for a great day trip.

This bridge is suspended about 30 meters above sea level and rocks below and is 20 meters long. Definitely not a trip for people with fear of heights or people with limited mobility, the passage itself requires serious nerves (it is best not to look down).

The very history of this bridge is interesting because it was built by fishermen who were fishing there 350 years ago, of course then it was not present – a safe bridge, until the seventies it was only one rope railing with small boards. Since 2002, when the fish changed their trails, this place was abandoned by fishermen and the only thing left is the bridge and the bleached cottage and equipment for lifting boats and fishing nets.

In recent times, this bridge has become even more popular with thanks to the TV Show “Game of Thrones” who have recorded there.
One point before leaving for your trip is its  worth checking the weather! because the bridge is open all year round but depending on the bad weather it can be closed.

The trip and the passage itself will be rewarded with beautiful views, but it is worth taking binoculars with you because from the island you can see the coast of Scotland and with luck, dolphins, porpoises and sharks (sharks).

Currently the bridge is operated and managed by the National Trust – a British organization dealing with the protection of monuments, and most of them are dealt with by volunteers.