Caherconnell – (Cathair Chonaill) – means literally “stone ring”. This unique Irish ring fortress is located on the Burren plateau in County Clare, west of the R480 road connecting Ballyvaughan and Leamaneh Castle.

This impressive building built 1500 years ago measures 45 meters in diameter and 3 meters of walls and is a wonderfully preserved stone fort (originally, the walls were one meter).
During the Crusades, which began during the reign of Pope Urban II, when the Normans began to take over power in England, the inhabitants of the Caherconnell fort (the Ologhlen family) remained powerful and wealthy and in the XV / XVI century they moved to the Glensleade castle located about 3 kilometers to the north.

On site you can take part in a show of shepherd dogs or sheep, and after all that take lunch on site and admire the beauty of the world-unique Burren landscape.

There is a visitor center on the site where you can take part in a 20 minute presentation thanks to which you can learn more about the history of the uprising, the inhabitants and the excavations currently being carried out.