Bunratty – Castle and open-air museum

It is not only a wonderfully preserved and meticulously restored fortress, but also an open-air museum with many buildings from the Victorian era.

There is also the possibility of reserving a place and taking part in a real medieval feast called “Traditional Irish Evening”, from which this place is known not only in the country, they are banquets organized here since the 1960s, and therefore have their own tradition .

The history of this place begins in the 10th century when the Vikings founded a trade center here, which then passed into the hands of the Normans – those were the first to build a defense fortress here, which due to its strategic location was destroyed many times and changed hands into Irish hands families like O’Brien or MCNamara.

The castle which we can admire now is a version from the fifteenth century and contains one of the richest collection of tapestries and antique furniture.

The castle’s open-air museum definitely gives this fortress its attractiveness, you can walk through colorful streets and go back in time and feel how it used to live in Ireland. You can admire peasant huts, smithy, school, etc. Some of these buildings have been reconstructed, but they are also original.

This is definitely a great trip for the whole family.