Blarney Castle – is a medieval fortress near Cork dating back to 1446, although previously there was probably a fortification already present before 1200. It is the most famous tourist attraction in Ireland – right after the cliffs of Moher. This castle has changed hands several times, now it is partly a ruin.

In the upper part of the castle there is a “Blarney Stone”, according to the legend after kissing  it ,you will have been given the gift of eloquent speech (The Gift of the Gab), but to do it you need a little gymnastics, first go up the tower on a steep and winding stairs,one you come upon the location of the stone you have to hang upside down to be able to reach it with your lips.dotn worry there are handrails provided to make it easier along with a staff member of the castle to talk you trough the process.

Around the castle there are extensive gardens,picturesques paths that will allow us to explore the whole area and various attractions, such as several natural rock formations with names such as Druid’s circle, witch’s cave and Wish Stairs. There is also a poison garden with many poisonous plants, such as: Wolfsbane, Mandrake, ricin, opium, marijuana and many others.

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