Belfast – (Irish: Beal Feirste) – is the capital of Northern Ireland on the River Lagan located to the north-east coast of Ireland, it’s the second largest city on the island with a population of about 335,000.

This place has been known since the Bronze Age, and in the early nineteenth century, the city was an important port and played a key role in the industrial revolution and tobacco processing, it was also the largest producer of flax in the world and for that reason you can sometimes hear the name “Linenopolis”.

There are many places worth visiting, including the famous prison on Crumlin Road (we mentioned it at https: )

In 1909 that the construction of the famous Titanic began, and it is in this city that there is the world’s largest museum devoted to this transatlantic ship – we wrote about it at .

Currently, Belfast is seen as the safest in Britain, but the city is also famous for its brutal history, especially in the 70s and 80s, then it was seen as one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

I think everyone, even those who were not born yet  have heard the stories of the troubles in Belfast either  from the press or on television, or from family members or from  viewing street art (frescoes and murals) located around Belfast, which were created here for years and are devoted to the political problems faced by this city .

The walls of Belfast are often described as the ‘Outdoor Art Gallery’. Indeed, there are many interesting and beautifully painted murals throughout the city, each of them has a story to tell, it’s hard to start describing because we would probably have to write the whole book.
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To see all (or at least a large majority) of murals, it is worth spending a few pounds on a Hop On Hop Off bus tour – if any place that interested us, we could get off  have a walk around and catch the next bus (tickets are usually valid for 48 hours).

Belfast is also a great starting point for lovers of the series “Game of Thrones” – it is in this city and its surroundings there are many locations where there were shots of this already famous series.

It’s worth spending a few days exploring this steeped city history and it’s good to plan ahead – we’ve been here twice, and we still have a list of places we still need to see in Belfast.