Ballysaggartmore Towers – these mysterious and magical buildings in the Gothic style are not well known to tourists though they are located just 3 km from Lismore in County Waterford on the R666 road towards Fermoy.

These buildings were built in 1850 by a man named Arthur Keily-Ussher for his wife, he was a local rich man who had many lands, but he was also a very controversial figure, known for his severity – during a great famine in 1845-1849, he evicted people who were unable to pay rents and then took over their houses and land to sow the crop which was to be his main income for the construction of a magnificent castle. The towers were to be only the gate to the extravagant castle, which was supposed to overshadow all other castles in the area, and in particular the castle of his brother John (we wrote about him at:


Unfortunately, he did not have enough funds to build the castle, the only thing he managed to build was two towers connected by a bridge and the Lodges.
Arthur Keily-Ussher died around 1862 and all his property was divided and sold by the liquidator.

It’s a great place for a family walk approximate 2.5 km long with a fairy tale-like scenery it’s a comfortable path with a slight slope, so even a family with a pram can go there for a leisurely Sunday stroll.