Aillwee Cave – is the oldest cave in Ireland located in the heart of the Burren peninsula in County Clare,This is not just a cave because below the cave from 2008 you can also visit the Park with wild birds in which there are: Eagles,Owls and Vultures, You can also see the factory of the award-winning real Irish cheese in which you can not see an employee at work.

The cave itself was discovered in 1944 by the farmer Jack McGann. The farmer did not particularly get interested in the cave. Because it was not until 1973, after almost 30 years, that he accidentally encountered speleologists in the pub. The cave’s exploration and development began in the same summer, and its opening took place as early as 1976, the present appearance of the cave with a tunnel that was completed in 1992.

The cave system and the trip consist of over a kilometer of passages leading to the heart of the mountains, along underground waterfalls, rivers and large stalactites and stalagmites.

Most of the visible rock formations are over 8,000 years old, but some calcite samples from the cave are dated to 350,000 years.
The trip is about a 35 minute walk, which ends with a tunnel sometimes called a highway – it is a 250 meter long walk made by man.More information at: